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east teas looks forward to offering you bouquets of Rose White(China) and White Dzao Jasmine(Vietnam) teas for Valentine's Day. Gifts of love and health

We have limited amounts of a 3 Flower prize-winning Oriental Beauty (i.e. Bai Hao) 20g for 14.50. Sensational.

Stocks of ceramics have been topped up and for matcha lovers We also have a great, ever-changing, selection of matcha bowls, many of them being vintage and even older. Prices range from 15 to 80. Some have their original, signed boxes. Their authenticity enhances the matcha experience.

east teas import special and unusual loose-leaf teas obtained directly from farmers, experts, and small local suppliers in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan.

east teas' selection of green, oolong, black and other teas offer a world of flavour and fragrance far removed from the mass-produced offerings from most other companies.

east teas' teas also have a superb natural sweetness which means they can be drunk without adding sweeteners or milk. Recent scientific studies suggest further health benefits from drinking these types of traditional Asian teas which have long been believed to have particular medicinal qualities.

east teas is pleased to be able to offer hand-made and hand-decorated tea utensils from China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. Part of the joy of tea culture is in what you drink from. Ceramics have a long and rich history in Asia where hand-made objects are still widely used and appreciated.

east teas also offers a full WORLD-WIDE MAIL ORDER service. Please send your order to enquiries@eastteas.com. We will then send you an invoice which can conveniently and securely paid via PayPal. If that isn't convenient for you just send us a cheque.

Mail order terms: minimum order of three packs. UK deliveries: Post & packing: 3-5 packs: 1 per pack. 6 packs or more: free. Overseas deliveries at cost. Payment by cheque in advance please or via PayPal. Often teas are sent out within a day but please allow 28 days for delivery. Pictures of currently available utensils can be sent on request.


east teas' own retail outlet is still in Borough Market where we will be delighted to introduce you to our teas and share our experience of making, and living with, them. We are in a very different position, again, almost exactly where we were over 12 years ago at the front of the newly-refurbished Three Crown Square, close to the main gate of the market, tucked behind the plants and flowers. This link may help http://boroughmarket.org.uk/market-map.

Borough Market is very close to London Bridge Rail and Underground Stations in London SE1. east teas is there Friday 12-6 & Saturday 9-4. Many buses serve this area from both North and South.

Why not consider a healthy change to green tea as your source of stimulation and good health? [east teas has aseembled some great starter kits for drinking matcha. This is probably the most exciting of green teas for health as one ingests the stoneground tea itself so benefitting from the non water-soluble nutrients. email us for more information and discussion of your requirements or come and visit at Borough Market and see how matcha is made properly.

Matcha has a smooth taste and texture (when prepared traditionally) and gently stimulates the mind without the unpleasant physical side-effects that coffee drinking can have. Prices for the kits vary depending on which bowl is included. Come to Borough Market if you can and get a lesson in making it from Alex who has over a quarter of a century's experience in the Way of Tea (aka "Japanese Tea Ceremony") or Ella, who hasn't lived that long yet but is full of wisdom and whisks a delicious bowl of matcha. The minimum requirements for traditional matcha-making are the tea plus the whisk (chasen)
which totals 28, discounted for you to 25.

The spiritual benefits come with practice other than just drinking matcha but see what attracted this substance to both Samurai and Zen monk alike.

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